COVID-19 Information

Thank you for visiting SoccerstarsUK, at this time we would like to extend our best wishes to all families and hope that everyone remains safe and healthy. We would like to thank everybody for their patience and understanding and we look forward to welcoming your child to our courses this summer where the focus will be on being active, having fun and staying healthy!

In accordance with recent government guidance we are delighted to announce that bookings for Summer Holiday Courses are now online! All courses will be running in accordance with refined measures to ensure the safety of all staff, families and schools.

We know that everyone will be excited to come together and return to playing Football & also a variety of sports at our Multi Sport Courses, however, it is imperative that all coaches, players and parents adhere to below polices & procedures.
This Return to Play (RTP) Action Plan addresses many critical details that must be followed by all players, parents, coaches, staff, etc. to ensure the health and safety of everyone at our courses.

SoccerstarsUK Holiday Courses

Before the Course & Arrival

• Parents to drop children off at designated registration point
• Parents to provide children with a bag containing lunchbox, plenty of drinks, hat & sun cream only.
• Parents encouraged to provide lunch items that the children can open independently
• Parents encouraged to apply sun cream on children before they arrive at the venue
• Children will clean their hands thoroughly on arrival at the venue and be sent directly to their group which they will spend the day with. Groups will not mix during the day
• Each group will be a maximum of 15 people, with an ideal number of 12 per group, groups will be pre-determined by age and/or playing experience. Each Group will have 1 coach who will stay with the group without the course of the day and will not come into contact with other groups.

During the Day

• Coaches & Children to wash hands thoroughly each time they enter and leave the coaching area
• Groups to be given a specific playing area that they will use for the entirety of the day
• All equipment will be regularly cleaned by staff throughout the day
• Separate equipment will be used for any team games & activities where social distancing cannot be observed fully
• Games, tournaments, etc. can occur with sensible health precautions once approved by the FA and Government
• Social distancing will be maintained during breaks. This will be achieved through a range of strategies including the staggering of breaks and subdivision of spaces allocated breaks.

Proper hand-washing protocol

Hand-washing and good hygiene is paramount to our Return to Play Policy. When in doubt, wash thoroughly and often, using liquid soap and water or by using Hand sanitizer that is 70% ethanol or stronger which we will provide throughout the day.

We will wash our hands:

• Upon arrival in the morning, and re-entering any coaching area or building throughout the day
• Whenever one’s hands are visibly dirty
• After using the toilet
• After coughing or sneezing into one’s hands, or into a disposable tissue
• Before eating
• When going from one area to another.
• After physical contact with others.

We have appointed a Covid-19 Officer, our General Manager Chris Broadhurst who will oversee and implement our Risk Assessment’s & Return to Play policies & procedures. If you have any concerns or would like any further information please email

To view our Covid 19 Risk assessment please click below

To view our full Return to Play policy please click below