Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation will be in full effect from May 25 th , 2018 and SoccerstarsUK alongside OpenPlay (our website and booking system providers) have made some substantial changes to our system in order to ensure compliance is straightforward for all of our customers.

Each article of the regulation relevant to OpenPlay processes is outlined below.

Changes to booking process

OpenPlay have implemented a manual opt-in confirmation screen for users making a booking (both new and existing users) and now ask the user making the booking to confirm they are over 16 years old. The data is held and time stamped as per GDPR guidance.

Restricting of processing

As per GDPR rules, customers have a right to restrict processing of their data by third parties, this will mean that SoccerstarsUK will be unable to see any information about these customers inside the OpenPlay dashboard.

The process for this is as follows:

  1. The customer will either contact SoccerstarsUK or OpenPlay via email/phone/post asking for us to restrict processing of their data
  2. SoccerstarsUK will reply back to them saying that restrictions can be put in place i.e. we will need relevant medical information / emergency contact number for a child to attend a course.
  3. The customer will then be marked as restricted and their details will not be shown on the OpenPlay dashboard

Their restriction can only be reversed by the customer contacting SoccerstarsUK or OpenPlay

Deletion of Personal Data

Similar to the above, however this is a permanent removal of data from our systems. All personal data related to the customer will be removed permanently and a record of the customer requesting this will also be made so backups of data will have the same remove steps applied to them to ensure GDPR compliance. Please note this also includes paper-based copies of Data e.g. Registers

Auto deletion of personal data

As per GDPR guidance, any personal data held on a customer should be removed when not required. For SoccerstarsUK & OpenPlay customers we deemed this to be 36 months of inactivity i.e. has not logged in or made a booking etc.

At this point the deletion of personal data will come into effect and OpenPlay will inform SoccerstarsUK of this so we can delete all personal data we hold on the customer, including informing 3 rd parties of the deletion.

Collecting Additional Information

When asking for additional information from customers, we are now required to provide a reason for this collection of data. For example ‘we ask for Medical Information so our coaches can ensure they have all relevant information to hand in case of an emergency”


Once all data has been collected on the OpenPlay system, SoccerstarsUK will send an encrypted email to the School with a copy of the register. This register will remain in School at all times. We ask that the School print a copy of this register and keep it on Schools grounds, the coach delivering the session will then take the register from the School at the start of the session and return it to the School office or designated place at the end of the club.

SoccerstarsUK will then collect the completed register at the end of the half term and file it away as per the terms above.

Any old/additional paper copies of registers will be returned to the SoccerstarsUK Office and retained for audit purposes or destroyed.

Marketing Communication

As per 25 th May, the customer export file inside OpenPlay will have an “opt-in” field, which by default will be marked as “no”. SoccerstarsUK will contact all customers and ask them to “opt-in” to receive additional marketing, be it email, phone or post (each will be separated)

Please note we cannot change a customer’s marketing preference via the OpenPlay dashboard, it must be performed by the customer.

Listing Third-Party Providers of Data

Each provider SoccerstarsUK uses for marketing purposes has been contacted and GDPR compliant statements have been received and filed for audit purposes.

Export of Data

At any time, a SoccerstarsUK customer can request a copy of all data this is currently held on the system about them as a user, via email, phone or post We will provide a text file of all interactions made on OpenPlay by that user including:

  • Booking Summaries
  • Messages sent
  • Attendee Information
  • Email, contact and custom fields
  • Sub-accounts

When someone asks us for an export of data, we will provide all data we keep on the customer as well any 3 rd party systems that also keep this again, again keeping a copy of this for audit purposes