Terms & Conditions


SoccerstarsUK nor any other organisation providing facilities nor their respective servants, agents or employees, accept liability for any loss or damage experienced by applicant whilst attending their courses.

If your child brings any valuables with them this will be at your own risk.


Once applicants are accepted, no money can be refunded, no refunds are given in the event of cancellation due to inclement weather.

Vouchers may be issued at our discretion and you will need to contact footie@soccerstarsuk.co.uk directly if you believe that this should be applied. However as per these Terms, we are under no obligation to do so.

No Cash refunds are given at any time.

Special offers

From time to time SoccerstarsUK may run Special Offers, we reserve the right to cancel or withdraw these offers at any time.


Please remember to bring any essential medication with you on the day, with written instructions of if and when you need to take it.

It is your responsibility to inform us of any relevant medical information and provide all necessary details about this at the time of Booking.

Health and safety

Please ensure appropriate kit is worn for both indoor and outdoor sessions. SHIN PADS MUST ALWAYS BE WORN.

Official photographs are sometimes taken on the courses. Please state on your booking form if you DO NOT wish your child/children to be photographed.


Children attending our Courses are expected to treat all with the upmost respect. We reserve the right to terminate any booking and refuse to allow your child to continue attending a Course if our Staff deems their behaviour to be unacceptable.

Early / Late pick up

Early/Late Pick Up strictly starts at 8.15am and ends at 5.00pm. If a parent is outside these times without prior warning a £5 per 10 minute fine will be issued. All bookings which have not selected this option must not take advantage of this service. Parents are reminded to not arrive before 8.50am and collect after 3.40pm. If this situation occurs on more than 1 occasion, an early/late pick up will be charged to your account.

By registering on a SoccerstarsUK Course you agree to the above Terms and Conditions